Frogfishes on - Anglerfische auf Frogfishes on - Anglerfische auf


Identification Key Frogfishes


map of Australia with tropical, subtropical and temperate zones / Karte von Australien mit tropischem, subtropischen und gemässigten Klimazonen

Question: In which geographic area of Australia have you found the frogfish?

Tropical Australia (Great Barrier Reef, Timor Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, Ningaloo) continue here

Subtropical Australia incl. northern New Zealand continue here

This identification key is only for species of the subfamily Antennariinae (frogfishes, family Antennariidae, suborder Antennarioidei) which are frogfishes living in tropical and Subtropical waters.
Please take note, that this is a simplified identification key. Ichthyologists use tables with the number of dorsal, anal and pectoral rays, the length of the illicium and other distinguishing characteristics for means of identification.

I identified all frogfishes (anglerfishes) to my best knowledge. Frogfishes are specially difficult to identify (see tips for identification) so mistakes are possible of course! Please write to me, if you have any questions. Latin names according to the newest scientific findings, ITIS Standard Report and Fishbase.

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