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photo of a frogfish (Hairy frogfish)  - <em>Antennarius striatus</em>. Common Names: froggie, froggy,angler, anglerfish, Fishing frog, Toadfish, Fishing frog (English), Anglerfisch, 
  Angler, Krötenfisch (Deutsch), Baudroie, Grenouille (French), Ranisapo, Pez antenado, Pescador (Spanish), Peixe-pescador, Peixe-sapo (Portuguese), malabarski Poland), izariuo (Japanese), tudsefisk (daenish), hengelaar (Afrikaans)

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The frogfish (or anglerfish, angler, fishing frog) is one of my favorite fishes so this website is dedicated entirely to this family of fishes (Antennariidae).

Frogfishes are fascinating animals. They sit well camouflaged and without moving on sponges, wait in front of holes or hide between corals and wait for their prey to approach. One of its dorsal spine is converted into a lure (illicium) with a bait (esca) which looks like a small fish, a worm or a shrimp. This lure is dangled, flicked and moved around in front of the Frogfish's head. If a fish wants to catch this make-believe prey it becomes prey itself - fast as lightning the Frogfish greatly expands its oral cavity thus creating suction pressure inside the mouth and engulfs the animal. This behavior is called aggressive mimicry. With this kind of luring behavior the frogfish is a very succesfull predator.

Although like a lot of divers I have started to use the nickname "Froggie" of course the frogfish is not exactly a cuddly animal - actually it is not very likable - but but how it looks and it's behavior is very interesting!

So - enjoy this website, look at the largest collection of frogfish photos, read about the behavior of this amazing fish and..... get wet! Those critters are waiting for you underwater!

Book: Teresa (Zubi) Zuberbühler: Frogfishes, Southeast Asia, Maldives, Red Sea

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Frogfish, Anglerfish: Camouflage, coloring, shapes

Colors and Shapes

Frogfish, Anglerfish: feeding behavior, Gape and Suck, agressive mimikry

Feeding Behavior

Frogfish, Anglerfish: reproduction


Frogfish, Anglerfish: Characteristics, Esca and illicium


The 10 best known Frogfish Species

The 10 best known Frogfish Species

48 (53?) Frogfish Species 48 (53?) Anglerfisch-Arten

48 (53?) Frogfish Species

Distribution, Identication key for frogfishes

Identification Key

Classification Lophiiformes

Classification Lophiiformes
Phylogenetic relationships

Deepsea Anglerfishes / anglers

Deepsea Anglerfishes

IMPORTANT: Based on new findings (reference) about DNA in frogfishes the nomenclatur for several frogfish species (all of the former genus Antennarius) was changed and this website corrected accordingly in 2012.
New phylogenetic relationships between frogfish genera and species
list of changed species names / PDF

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  • The 48th frogfish species: A new small species of frogfish from New South Wales, Australia: Kuiterichthys pietschi

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photo of a frogfish (Clown frogfish)  - <em>Antennarius maculatus</em> - Foto eines Anglerfisches (Warzen-Anglerfisch)

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I identified all frogfishes (anglerfishes) to my best knowledge. Frogfishes are specially difficult to identify (see tips for identification) so mistakes are possible of course! Please write to me, if you have any questions or you would like to send me photos of frogfishes. Latin names according to the newest scientific findings, ITIS Standard Report and Fishbase.

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